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broken spring repair

Most garage and home owners are much concerned with new door installation and new motor installation and pay little attention to the torsion spring. Research shows that most people would call technicians to install new garage doors, repair broken motors and to replace damaged motors for they believe that these are the only main tasks that must be handled by qualified and skilled garage door technicians. As a result many have lost their fingers and others sustained more serious injuries when trying to repair the torsion spring on their own. As a matter of fact the torsion spring is one of the utmost dangerous parts of the garage door to handle if you don’t have any technical knowledge and the right tools for the task. This can also cause harm to the door or other valuables in the garage. Even with the correct garage gate repair qualifications, experience is important when handling the torsion spring which is always under high tension. Most broken spring clients come to us after trying to fix the spring by themselves and failed terribly causing damages and personal injuries. Central Islip garage door repair mechanics advise you never to attempt repair of broken spring because in the extreme it can cost you a new garage entrance or even life. Anytime you suspect a broken spring problem, always contact us and we will join you in a matter of minutes and safely fix it for you.